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Safety Training ideas

It seems that there is a lot to consider when purchasing safety training materials

For your employees these days.

Do I use DVD? How much will it cost and will they last as long as my old VHS tapes did?

What about my library full of old VHS tapes? I don’t even know if I still Have a VHS player and several of my tapes are out of date.

How about Online Training? A lot of it is just text with questions to answer and I am afraid it is very boring for my workers. I doubt they are retaining much of the information.

Can I find something decent on YouTube that I can use? There is so many videos up there to go through and a lot of it is down right poorly made.

Why don’t I just use my video camera on my smart phone and make my own training videos? Where do I start and can I spend enough time to make look like it’s professionally made? This can’t work, I can't hardly get my work done now so I just can't add this to my to do list….

Okay, You get the picture. It is our hope that we have a solution to these questions that will help.

What if you could buy up to date video files that you can load up onto your server so that they can be accessed by everyone in your company on your intranet?

AND What if you could also put these files on memory sticks so they could be sent to any remote locations in your company that do not have a good high speed internet connection available?

Now, What if you could purchase a permanent license (at an affordable price) so you could use these video files forever as a training tool complete with a quiz to check for retention?

Here is another thought, maybe you would rather just have an internet site available where you can send your employees to take their training online. What if you could just rent video titles at a cost-effective rate for 12 months on this site? No fuss no muss....

Here is yet another idea, If you do like to create your own online training using, PowerPoint, Articuate or some other authoring system, what if you could buy pieces of professionally made Safety videos to insert into your own training modules?

If you would like to discuss any of these training ideas with us, Please email us at or cal 1-800-609-0479 x 202 to discuss pricing. We look forward to hearing from you.

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