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Training Products

Title: All For One: The Meerkat Way


This innovative new program teaches employees about two of the most basic and important principles of safety — cooperation and teamwork. The fact that meerkats survive in their adverse environment with savage predators threatening them each day is due to a single talent: their ability to cooperate and create an interdependent culture. Filmed in the Kalahari Desert, this is one of the freshest, most engaging safety films to be seen in a long time.

Training Points

Key topics addressed are: 

  • Teamwork 
  • Interdependence 
  • The safety instinct 
  • The importance of communication 
  • Prioritizing safety
  • Continuous improvement

Other Details

  • Product type: Video
  • Video length: 11 Minutes
  • Available languages:
  • A Release from: DuPont Sustainable Solutions