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Title: Workplace Violence: First Line of Defense


Workplace violence is neither random nor unpredictable. Protect employees through a managed organizational response. Two nationally recognized experts, Garry Mathiason, who is senior partner with the country’s largest employment law firm, and Chris Hatcher, who is a clinical psychologist, offer legal and incident management advice regarding how to identify and prevent workplace violence.

To communicate the impact of the problem, Workplace Violence: First Line of Defense includes an interview with a convicted perpetrator and utilizes a compelling dramatization.

Training Points

How-To Training Points:

  • Consistency of the perpetrator profile
  • Clear behavioral warning signs
  • Typical worker responses to perpetrator behavior
  • Concrete steps to manage these incidents and prevent workplace violence

Other Details

  • Product type: Video
  • Video length: 30 Minutes
  • Available languages: English, Spanish and French on DVD Closed Captioning on DVD
  • A Release from: Coastal Training Technologies