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Preventing Falls

Preventing FallsFalls are one of the most underrated hazards on the job. After motor vehicle accidents, falls represent the greatest hazard to our safety in the workplace. Fall injuries account for a great deal of personal suffering as well as substantial losses in productivity. Employees can prevent most of these accidents if they make a conscious effort to protect themselves in every situation where slip, trip and fall hazards are present.

Three Factors that Affect All Falls:

  • The amount of friction that exists between your shoes and the surface on which you are walking is a major factor in falls.
  • Momentum affects falls because the more a person weighs and the faster he is moving, the harder he will fall.
  • lThe force of gravity continually pulls you to the lowest point possible.

Read this scenario...

Worth Janick and Claude Mathias were asked to replace a sodium vapor lamp on the shipping bay. It was a rush job and the two experienced electricians were glad to respond. They should have known better than to use a pallet as an elevated work platform, but it was quicker and easier than going back to their shop for the proper equipment. When the pallet broke and Worth fell to the floor, he was killed instantly.

Lesson: Never use a pallet on a lift truck as an elevated work platform. Donít let a rush job cause you to compromise your safety sense. Always take the extra time to get the appropriate tools and equipment; it will be beneficial in the long run. You should also be concerned about the safety of your co-workers. Let them know when you see a problem.

Fall Awareness:

  • Pay attention to walking and working surfaces and choose footwear accordingly.
  • Be qualified, authorized and trained before using ladders and other elevating equipment.
  • Understand how falls happen and take the necessary steps to protect yourself.